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"Christa gives the best massages I've ever had, hands down. She is very nice, knowledgable and skilled in her variety of techniques, especially deep trigger point. Her cool, positive attitude always puts me at ease and I have yet to be disappointed after dozens of sessions. She knows her stuff and I recommend her services without hesitation."     - Ted R.

"I have received massages from many different people. What makes Christa unique is she focuses on individual needs. She has a great feel for the muscles and doesn't have a set routine. Not only is Christa great at what she does, but she is a great person to work with. She is readily available and enthusiastic about meeting her clients' needs. She has a passion for what she does and it is evident in her work and in her relationships with her clients."     - Brooks F. 

"My wife and I go to Christa for our own massages and we both agree that Christa is the best massage therapist we've found. She does a wonderful job of adjusting her technique and style to fit the individual. Christa is also a pleasant person to be around and has great energy. We have recommended her to friends and family members, and they enthusiastically thank us for sending them to her. My only hesitance in recommending her is that it might make it harder for us to get in to see her!"    - Luke M.