Recover. Relax. Rejuvenate.


Kinesio Taping ®™
K- taping can reduce swelling and provide stability for weak tendons/ ligaments--all without restricting the body's natural movement. This technique is great for all ages and promotes the body's natural healing process. 

 Aromatherapy CPTG 
Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil are used to relax and sooth both mind and body. Upgrade your service with amazing oil blends.


Therapeutic Bodywork

A personalized treatment that uses a wide range of modalities (listed under therapist). Our massage therapist is trained and certified in several techniques that will guarantee great therapeutic bodywork. 

 Medical Thai Massage
Thai Massage has been used alongside thai medical treatments for centuries. This ancient practice has  been proven to alleviate sore muscles and discomfort. Although oils and cream are not used in this technique, the client still receives deep therapeutic work. Performed on a mat on the floor, this deep treatment will open up your Sen energy channels and allow for the body to start its healing process.

 Pregnancy massage (Table or Thai mat)
A relaxing massage that assists in reducing stress and swelling in an attempt to balance hormones and reduce nerve pain (i.e. sciatica, which is common during pregnancy). Before scheduling this massage, please contact us to discuss any possible contraindication.

 Contemporary Cupping Method
Cupping offers several benefits to the body by increasing circulation, draws toxins, pathogenic factors, and stagnation out of the body, while softening the fascia tissue.